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Intelligent Bird Scaring Cardiff



Pest & Property Solutions - Intelligent Bird Scaring

Cardiff & surrounding areas.

Traditional methods have become outdated and no longer have the same impact. Instead, we make use of cutting edge, Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help businesses maintain bird-free environments in cost-effective & flexible ways.


Benefits of BirdAlert:

Scares birds within a radius of up to 250 metres

Easy to set up system can be deployed in minutes

Provides 24/7 protection against birds

Effective against geese, gulls, rooks, crows, jackdaws and starlings

Powered by solar energy

Online Portal for completely remote system management

What is BirdAlert?

Although birds can be beautiful to look at, they often cause significant damage to buildings and put the health and wellbeing of the public at risk. A birds appetite, faeces and noisy behaviour can result in considerable financial losses.  Bird proofing  measures, like BirdAlert, are therefore needed to put your mind at ease, as well as to keep you legally compliant.


Traditional proofing methods and bird scarers often have a limited effect, usually caused by habituation. Birds quickly become accustomed to the equipment used as they typically rely on timers. Within a week or two, these traditional scaring methods often lose their desired effect. Unless you’re regularly moving them around the problem area, they will eventually become completely redundant.

Here’s where  BirdAlert  comes in.

BirdAlert  has been developed explicitly to meet this challenge. Combining modern IoT technology with time tested bird-scaring practices to ensure habituation is avoided.

How does BirdAlert work?

BirdAlert is an innovative bird control system that monitors your site 24/7 using an advanced microphone. As a bird reaches the area, BirdAlert identifies the species by analysing their calls – think of it as a unique acoustic fingerprint.

When a specific nuisance bird is identified in the area – it activates one of five input options. Built-in distress calls ring out using the recommended speakers which scare the birds away. The BirdAlert system then analyses if the sought out effect is achieved, and if not, it reactivates.


Everyday use

BirdAlert is placed in the wanted area and monitored through an online portal. The box will detect when the chosen birds are within a radius of up to 250 meters. BirdAlert is equipped with five sockets, allowing the customer to connect different scare tools, including the recommended speakers, as well as a gas cannon, kite controller, eagle eye and scareman.

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