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Virus Disinfection Pest and Property Solutions

Biohazard Cleaning

Bodily fluids pose a substantial health risk if left uncleaned. Blood, vomit, urine, human faeces, to name but a few, can all cause disease and infection to the public or building staff if not cleaned, removed, and the area disinfected professionally. All body fluids may contain pathogens, bacteria and viruses, and if left, risk a greater spread of infection or infectious diseases such as colds, flus, norovirus, AIDS, Hepatitis and HIV.

Organising a clean directly after any incident involving biohazards is down to the person responsible for the premises, and if left, bodily fluids can seep into materials, pavements or flooring which can cause long term staining and a greater risk of exposure.

Standard cleaning methods are not sufficient in most cases and heightens a risk to any staff undertaking the clean who may not be utilising correct PPE or equipment. This means the risk of exposure and infection is much higher if a professional clean and disinfection treatment does not take place.


All of our technicians are fully trained in this delicate field of operation and utilise full PPE and equipment to ensure the work is completed effectively and efficiently.

Rodent Clean and Disinfectant

Rodents can cause high levels of damage and disease when they have entered a property to nest. Any property can be at risk, from social or domestic housing, office blocks, industrial units, retail and warehousing and many more,

From accessing cupboards, appliances, nesting within walls and ceilings, under floor voids and loft areas, …  bad smells, damage and disease will be inevitable.

Rodent droppings are usually concentrated in focused areas as i.e. rats can deposit up to 40 droppings in one night. So, where there is activity, there is contamination and disease. Grease and dirt on rodent bodies also leave smudging marks on surfaces where travel is constant, which is unsightly and again a disease risk.  


Examples of diseases that pose a risk to humans include:

Capillariasis, Echinococcosis, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Rat bite fever, Weil’s disease, Rat tapeworm, Salmonellosis, The Plague, Toxoplasmosis, Trichinellosis, Tularemia.

As all rodents love to climb, they generally head to the loft for security and warmth. This is where the majority of stored personal items, cables and wires become susceptible to gnawing and damage, which can lead to fire risk or potential risk of electrocution.

Initially, control must be met to stop rodent reproduction and further damage. Once this has been completed by our trained technicians on call out visits, and any proofing has been carried out to stop re-entry, we can offer a full rodent clean and disinfectant treatment including antibacterial fogging to remove unwanted smells and disease risk.


From rodent nesting in garages, to large shipping containers or full loft clearance and re-insulate, we can complete any clean and disinfectant treatment needed utilising our fully trained technicians and the required PPE.

Sharps Removal

Picking up hypodermic needles, blades or syringes is a risky business without utilising professional equipment or disposal methods.

We can carry out the safe inspection, handling and removal of sharps located on any site using specialist removal equipment and needlestick resistant gloves. All items are placed in a sharps biohazard bin and removed from site.

This may be removal of one item, or full inspection on land to search and remove unknown quantities that you may have concern with. If necessary, the surrounding area will then be disinfected and any other bulk waste items removed if required.

Items that removal may include are:

Syringes, Test tubes, Hypodermic needles, Scalpels, Razors and Razor Blades, Knives, Scissors, Blades, Broken Glass.

High Level Cleaning

High Level Cleaning, both internally or externally, is required in environments such as factories, retail units, leisure facilities and warehouses, where height is a problem and cleaning is not part of the daily or weekly schedule.

Our trained technicians use  a variety of high-level  access  equipment  or high-level cleaning equipment to carry out a cleaning solution for hard-to-reach areas.

An experienced surveyor will carry out a free detailed site survey of your issue and complete a report outlining the areas to be cleaned.

On acceptance, we will attend site at a convenient time to carry out a cleaning solution focused to your requirements. Our cleaning solutions include Jet Wash Systems, Long Reach Water Feed Brush, High Level Vacuum, Wet and Dry vacuum, Scrapers.  


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